Smart Software as a Competitive Edge

One suite that takes care of all your business needs. From boosting sales to stepping up productivity and managing all day-to-day activities.


We've created specific features for your business

Give your sales team the perfect set of apps, to help close more business deals in less time. 
One suite that allows you to organize your matters, capture time, bill clients, and measure your firm’s performance.
Smart, automated recruitment solution for your agency.


All the features you'd expect in a solid foundation.

Configurable & Customizable
Easily add and configure your own entities and relationships to fit your business. Our Team can also help build new features for your business.
Use our powerful search or query builder to find your data.
Industry standard encryption to ensure yours and your client’s data is secure
Document Management
Manage documents for all areas of your business. Track changes through out the document's lifetime.
Use workflow and other tools to automate your business processes.
Access your data and execute business critical tasks from anywhere.
Get insightful representation of your data in real time.
Office Integration
From within Microsoft Office make changes to documents and link them to different entities within your Centerbase business app.

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