How to Use Analytics to Create a Law Firm Compensation Plan

Analytics provide the insight needed to make sure a team is performing at its best, allow law firms to evaluate partner and associate performance, and are ultimately used to develop a firm's compensation package. How can you use analytics to develop your firm's compensation plan? In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Clearly define a plan
  • Make the plan transparent
  • Make the plan flexible
  • Find the best programs to provide metrics




About Centerbase and John Crowe

Centerbase is a comprehensive, cloud-based legal practice management solution. Centerbase offers a fully integrated office computerized system that can provide your firm with the firm the metrics to develop a compensation plan.

Written by John A. Crowe, a certified Centerbase consultant. John earned his Bachelor of Arts from St. Joseph's University and Master of Business Administration from Drexel University. He's been helping law firms becomes more productive and profitable since 1990.

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