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About Us

Building Cloud Software For 14 Years.


Our Story

Centerbase started with the same fundamental purpose that drives the company today: solving real problems. In fact, John Forbes, the CEO and Founder of Centerbase, started developing the software in 2003 as a solution for his own company. While managing Progression Technologies, a re-seller of engineer software, John recognized the need for a configurable data management platform that could meet the specific needs of any company.

With this concept in mind, Centerbase was created as a highly configurable, out-of-the box data management solution. Although Progression Technologies was successfully sold in 2014, Centerbase’s unique adaptive capabilities made the software an ideal solution for several companies’ data management needs. After years of development and refinement, Centerbase began catering to the legal sector, providing a cloud-based system for small-to-medium-sized law firms.

Today, Centerbase continues to deliver a powerful, flexible, and integrated data management product. The team at Centerbase is deeply committed to helping law firms run their most successful practice possible, which is why Centerbase continues to improve and grow every day.


“You can’t fit every law firm into the same box. That's why we offer a configurable program that adapts to your best practices. Our application adapts to you — instead of your firm having to adapt to a program.”

-Rob Joyner, Sales Manager


Our Founder


John Forbes, the CEO and Founder of Centerbase, brings years of expertise in the technology industry to his company. With a background in IBM and several technology start-ups, John's always looking for new ways to provide unique solutions to his clients' problems. In 2003, John founded Centerbase in Dallas as a fully integrated and customizable practice management platform for small-to-medium sized law firms. 


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