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Pave Your Path

At Centerbase, our employees are more than part of a team; they're part of a purpose. Centerbase prides itself in being fast-growing, innovative, and unique - and our employees are no exception. Our team works together to build a product that's not only changing the legal landscape but improving it.

In the past year, Centerbase has experienced rapid growth. From expanding our software to introducing a Partner channel of over 90 consultants, we're constantly looking ahead and moving forward, and we're excited to keep adding the best and brightest to our team.

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Diversify your skills

We don't believe in linear paths at Centerbase. You have the opportunity to try your hand at anything that interests you; whether or not it fits into a specific job description.

Make an Impact

You won't have to wait around to see your work in action. At Centerbase, you have the opportunity to see your direct impact on the every day successses of the company.

Enjoy great benefits

We offer competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and an open office environment where your work can be seen and your voice can be heard.

"My vision for this company is not just a place where people come into work. I want them to have a good time, and I want to continue developing our culture into a place that people really love."



Find Your Niche

Centerbase boasts a tight-knit group of employees who bring their passion, hard work, and fun-loving spirit to our company culture. From team meetings to company outings, we believe in engaging our employees in and out of the office.