End Calendaring Anxiety For Good

Make scheduling painless with easy and accurate calerdaring


Never Miss a Deadline Again

You know that feeling of panic when you’re not sure if an event is showing up on your calendar? It’s awful! Which is why our team at Centerbase has gone to great lengths and endless hours of testing to be sure that all of your appointments are up to date at all times. Both inside the system and on the calendar of your choice. With bi-directional, real-time syncing of all law firm appointments, you can run your day with confidence. No matter how many offices or associates your law firm has, our calendaring has you covered.

Organize, Schedule and Communicate more Simply

Use our shared calendar to easily schedule appointments for anyone at the firm. Our integration with Outlook 365 then pushes the appointment to everyone's mobile device on their favorite calendaring app.


Calendaring Features

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