Upgrade Your Document Management with NetDocs

What is NetDocuments?

NetDocuments is a document and email management service in the cloud. It provides enterprise-level security, mobility, disaster recovery, and collaboration solutions for organizations with high data security requirements, such as law firms, financial institutions, and insurance industries.


Centerbase + NetDocuments = A Perfect Pair

Trusted by 2000+ law firms worldwide, NetDocuments is a cloud - based email management and document management system. With NetDocuments integrated within Centerbase, your firm has access to all client emails and documents from within your practice management, billing and accounting software.


The Netdocs platform allows you to manage, collaborate, and share content in one secure location to improve workplace productivity and ensure sensitive information is never lost or in the wrong hands. Here at Centerbase, we are proud to partner with them and glad that we have a seamless integration.

Integration Benefits

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Seamless Integration

Our integration eliminates the need to open matters in both systems. Opening a client matter in Centerbase automatically opens a workspace in Netdocs.

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Easy to Use

Work with Netdocs in Centerbase the same way you're used to using it. We display Netdocs identical to the way it looks in its own browser window.

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Centerbase + Netdocs provides your firm with the most powerful tools in the industry - integrated together.

Centerbase is law firm software that offers the benefits of the cloud without losing any of your legacy software capabilities. Transform your law firm with Centerbase - the leading accounting, billing, timekeeping and practice management solution for mid-sized firms. Check out our other integrations here.

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