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Time is Money

Multiple practice areas, custom rate tables, and complex rounding options are nothing new for us at Centerbase. Throw any scenario at us you can think of, and we will rise to the challenge to conquer it. Our built-in billing tools within Microsoft Office give teams the power to record time on emails, bill calendar appointments, or bill documents without interrupting their day.


In the background, timekeepers experience improved visibility of missing hours through a Calendar View Timesheet. Centerbase gives you a seamless and efficient legal timekeeping software with the ability to streamline billable tasks. Imagine your team working together to bill every minute possible without missing a beat.


No More Excuses for Spreadsheets

Our timesheet is every timekeeper's favorite feature. Centerbase offers unmatched convenience and accessibility with a timekeeping feature that works for you—no matter the time or place. Whether you access it from your computer or a mobile device, using Centerbase to enter time allows for a seamless integration of timekeeping throughout your work day.


Timekeeping Features

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