Reporting and Business Intelligence : How to Identify the best BI Solution for Your Firm

Business Intelligence, or BI, can provide powerful decision-making insights for your firm. However, knowing how to best utilize reports to make Business Intelligence decisions can make or break the success of your firm. In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How BI can be used by your firm
  • Different Types of BI solutions
  • Why firms use BI
  • Common mistakes to avoid when building a BI system
  • How to utilize custom reporting to give your firm a competitive edge

About Centerbase and Ardavan Gurg

Centerbase is a comprehensive, cloud-based legal practice management system that offers robust custom report building capabilities. Its highly adaptive features and endless customization options give users the ability to make Business Intelligence decisions that mold to their firm’s unique needs.

Written by Ardavan Gurg, a Certified Independent Consultant specializing in Business Intelligence and Custom Reporting. Ardavan founded Pars Consulting Incorporated, an organization that has been helping law offices improve their day-to-day operations with practice management technology since 2007.