Never Miss a Deadline Again with LawToolBox

Centerbase + LawToolBox

Missed deadlines are the number one cause of malpractice claims against attorneys. With our LawToolBox + Centerbase integration, you no longer have to worry about manually calculating deadlines and risking malpractice. LawToolBox integrates seamlessly with Centerbase to give you the most up-to-date, accurate rules-based calendaring system. Our LawToolBox integration lets you add jurisdiction-based deadlines directly to your matters and set trigger dates with just a few clicks.


Our integration with LawToolBox means that in a single click, you can update your calendars for all of your team members.


LawToolBox saves you time by automating procedural, administrative, and regulatory deadlines and accounting for changes in deadlines, users, and rules. 


With specialty rule-sets and build-your-own-templates, Centerbase + LawToolBox provides the tools to best fit your firm's needs.

LawToolBox Pricing

1 Person

$36/Person / month (Annual Upfront)

2-10 People

$29/person / month (annual upfront)

10-19 People

$27/person / month (annual upfront)

20-27 People

$19/person / month (annual upfront)

*Our LawToolBox integration is an additional cost and is not automatically included in Centerbase.    

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