Trust Accounting Required Procedures and Common Errors

Trust funds are a major component of legal accounting. However, not all trust money is the same, and sometimes the best approach to handling trust accounts is unclear.  This guide gives you the insight and resources to handle all types of trust accounts from start to finish. In this article, you'll learn more about:

  • Opening Trust Accounts
  • Auditing Trust Accounts
  • Maintaining and Accounting for Trust Accounts
  • Auditing Trust Accounts
  • Proper Recordkeeping
  • Legal Office Software for Accounting

About Centerbase and Deborah J. Schaefer:

Centerbase offers the best technological solution to address all trust accounting needs. With tools to automatically record and reconcile trust account information, Centerbase makes it easy to avoid errors and effectively manage accounts.

Written by Deborah J. Schaefer, a Certified Public Accountant in Connecticut and New York who specializes in selection, implementation, training, and support of computer-based accounting systems. Deborah has worked with law firms across the US and internally for over over 35 years.